Massage Is Good For Your Health

Massage therapy can play an important role in your health regimen. See what the research says about massage for health and wellness:

1. Control stress: The long-term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls. Massage therapy may relieve stress and conditions associated with it, such as tension headaches.

2. Get better sleep: Research indicates that massage can improve sleep in those with lower back pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, pain and other health conditions.

3. Boost mental health and wellness: Research suggests that symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression (all associated with mental health) may be directly affected with massage therapy.

4. Manage pain: Pain can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and impede recovery from illness or injury. Research shows massage can help low-back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

5. Improve physical fitness: Elite and recreational athletes alike can benefit from massage therapy. Massage can help reduce muscle tension, improve exercise performance and prevent injuries.


Therapeutic Massage Services

Doria Walsh, LMT uses a variety of modalities to create an eclectic massage style. She will tailor the massage to your specific needs. Her training includes the following styles of massage:

  • Medical
  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Pregnancy
  • Relaxation
  • Neuromuscular
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Infant Massage
  • Structural Integration
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Chair Massage
  • Russian
  • Sports
  • Myofascial Release


30 Minute Massage: $40

60 Minute Massage: $75

90 Minute Massage: $110

Chair Massage:  $75 per hour*

Pediatric Touch Therapy: $40 per half hour session

Please Note: We do not currently accept debit/credit cards for payment. Cash or checks only.

*Doria does not do in­-home or travel services except for chair massage events.

Massage Therapist in Harrisburg, PA