Happy Clients Say…

“I have been seeing Doria Walsh for a number of years for massages and I can say that she has done wonders for me. I have a tax and accounting practice and during the winter months I am practically glued to my desk and computer resulting in knotted muscles in my back and shoulders. I have relied on Doria to help me through the associated aches and pains and she has always helped me. In addition I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and have had a knee replacement in 2011, a hip replacement in 2014, major shoulder repair and a knee replacement in 2015. She has helped me with releasing scar tissue and reducing swelling related to these surgeries, giving me a great deal of relief. I count on her to help me with the discomfort caused by all of these factors and expect that she will keep me going strong throughout my eighth decade.” — K.M.

“For years, I struggled with muscle spasms that would leave my body tense and cause severe migraines. I tried every remedy, from traditional to non-traditional, and saw specialists and physical therapists with minimal relief. Doria uses techniques that provide instant and lasting comfort, reducing my need for medication and allowing me to walk upright without pain. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for effective treatment with unmistakable results.” — C.W.

“As a massage therapist myself, Doria is my favorite therapist to go to. She has good firm steady pressure which I need on my ropey back muscles. She is also good at being aware of knowing when a muscle needs more or something different which is applied through her wide medical background. Often my muscles scream for very deep pressure, and I don’t want anything less when I go to her. Doria is an attentive therapist, listening to every thing I ask of her including when I have to ask for less pressure. She has many modalities under her belt which is handy for stubborn muscles. She’s been an inspiration to me and I aspire to be as helpful as she is in my own practice.” — J.H.

“I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012 but suspect I have had it at least since 2004. Over the years I have seen and tried many massage therapists but never a medical massage therapist. I do not take any medications for fibromyalgia, by my choice, nor do I like taking any kind of pain medications including OTC. Doria works magic with her hands and elbows in order to relieve the tightness and numerous knots I have throughout my body and jaw. Doria provides a therapeutic touch that reaches deep down into my spirit and helps to release emotions that even I did not know I had buried so deep. Doria’s genuineness lays the foundation for the therapeutic relationship required in order to heal not only the body but mind and spirit.” — A.S.

“Doria Walsh is an excellent medical massage therapist. She has been massaging me off and on for 7 years now. She has helped me through numerous injuries and also for preparing me for a jaw reconstructive surgery. The work she did on my jaw muscles helped the surgery to go smoothly and shortened my recovery time. Doria is also a wonderful person, who always makes you feel comfortable on her table with her warm, kind spirit, and her giving nature. She has my loyalty as a client. I consistently recommend her to friends & family if they ever inquire about a massage therapist…”

“Doria, you are a godsend! Before I came to you for massage therapy, I was experiencing extreme muscle soreness, headaches and neck pain from my hobbies and work……to the point that my sleep and everyday tasks were being hindered. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of massage with me and fixing my pain! Not only are you very professional, extremely knowledgeable and intuitive but you are just an awesome person. You genuinely care about your client’s health and wellness. Thank you!” — R.B.